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Innovation Day at BPS-UK

We’re excited to announce our “Innovation Day” on the 9th of November! Join us for an action-packed day of exploring the latest pneumatic and automation technology with the BPS team. You’ll get to see live demonstrations, ask questions and network with other professionals in the industry.Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how we […]

The Power and Efficiency of Vacuum Saving Valves

Vacuum technology plays a pivotal role in many industrial processes today, from packaging to robotics. However, as the demand for these applications increases, so does the need for more energy-efficient solutions. Enter the Vacuum Saving Valve – an innovation reshaping how industries think about energy conservation in vacuum systems. What are Vacuum Saving Valves? Vacuum […]

How does a paddle flow switch work?

Flow switches are used in a variety of ways; to monitor flow rates, to trigger a warning if the flow rate falls outside of the pre-set parameters, or to protect a pump. Paddle flow switches are generally used for the detection of flow and the measurement of fan or pump speeds. But how does a paddle flow switch work? We take a look here in our latest article and look at where they can be found.

What are the types of pressure sensor?

Pressure sensors are used in a vast array of applications, from medical environments to safety-critical pressure measurement in hydraulic brake systems. In industrial applications where processing takes place, it is often important to measure pressure accurately to control the quality of the final product, and sometimes to control the process itself. The market has various types of pressure sensors available, not least because they are used in so many different ways, however, within this article, we will take a look at some of the variables that are accounted for by different types of pressure sensors and the factors to consider when selecting one.

How is flow measured?

Flow rate measurement is employed widely across many industries, and is used to measure the volume of a liquid or gas passing through a specific cross-sectional area per unit of time. Flow rate measurement helps us to control and monitor the rate of liquid flow within applications and ensure that fluid control processes are running […]

PFM750S-F01-F PFM Series Flow Switches SMC

How to select the right flow meters and switches

With such a variety of flow meters available on the market – over 100 different types – it can be daunting when you embark on a flow meter selection process, but making sure that you choose the right one for your application is extremely important. We take a look at how to select the right […]

PFMC7501-F04-F PFMC Series Flow Switches SMC

How does a flow switch work?

Flow switches are critical in adjusting flow rates to maintain safe and manageable rates of flow within a processing system. A flow switch is a commonly used device within any system where liquids or gases are being transported or worked with. We take a look at a flow switch working principle and discover in more […]

PFMV304-M PFMV Series Flow Switches SMC

What is a flow sensor?

Flow sensors, also known as flow meters, are used to measure (and usually regulate) the flow rate and pressure of a liquid or a gas within a system. Critical for ensuring that any flow media is kept within safe pressure levels for the operating equipment and the configuration of pipework, flow measurement is key to […]

What is an example of a pneumatic system?

Pneumatics systems are everywhere – particularly in industrial settings. From construction equipment to high-tech automated manufacturing tools, from air brakes on trains to HVAC control systems, pneumatics provides us with a clean, renewable energy source with straightforward maintenance requirements and won’t leave you out of pocket, compared to some of the alternatives. We take a […]