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BEST Pneumatic Systems Explore The Pneumatic Control System Design

Here at Best Pneumatic Systems, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality pneumatic control systems to suit any business. We specialise in pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control systems that can be used within a huge variety of industries, while our highly-skilled team of engineers is ready to deliver and install your product. In this blog, we explore the design features of pneumatic control systems and explain why they could be right for your application.


Pneumatic control systems comprise equipment that utilise compressed air or gas, which is previously stored in a high-pressure tank, in order to direct energy. The air or gas is emitted from an air compressor, usually at a pressure of between 6kg/sqm and 8kg/sqm, meaning that pneumatic control systems can achieve an overall velocity of up to 50kn.

We supply over 15,000 reliable SMC pneumatic control system components. This includes actuators, airline equipment and fittings, process valves and pneumatic cylinders. If you’re looking for something simple, we can assist with our extensive range of easy-to-install push button valves in a box. If your application requires something a little more specialised, we supply a bespoke line of products, such as pre-wired valve manifolds. Whatever your application calls for, we can supply the pneumatic control system components that you need.


HVAC refers to the technology involved in heating, ventilation and air conditioning products. Almost every occupied building will contain a HVAC system, and every thermostat utilises compressed air to complete the transference of energy. There will be several air lines connected to the pneumatic control system within the thermostat, which will, in turn, be connected to a particular type of valve. As HVAC contractors, installing these products will be an everyday task, meaning that a reliable pneumatic control system is absolutely essential.


There are very limited restrictions to using pneumatic systems because compressed air is not affected by distance or atmosphere. Here at Best Pneumatic Systems, the products we supply are not only highly efficient but also cost-effective. Compared to electromotive system components, pneumatics are highly durable and require very little maintenance. These systems do not produce pollutants and, after the compressed air has been used, it can be sent back into the atmosphere, making pneumatic systems both economically and environmentally sound. If you would like more information about pneumatic control systems or any of our other SMC products, or would like to place an order, please call us on 01254 395 000 or contact one of our experts via our live chat.

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